San Pallets - Resin for Sale

San Pallets produces resins at its plants throughout the eastern half of the United States. We also make additional types and quantities through contracts with strategic partners.

Our plants are located in Ohio, Michigan, and Georgia.

Polypropylene Reprocessed - Standard Blends

20 melt2 izodBlack and Natural
35 melt2 izodBlack and Natural

Polypropylene Reprocessed - Custom Blends

2 melt to 100 melt
HOPP to No Break

Polypropylene Reprocessed - Talc filled

10% PP filled
20% PP filled

Polyethylene Reprocessed - HDPE/LDPE

8 melt Crate HDPE
8 melt HDPE Impact
2 melt LDPE
Frac Melt LDPE