Revolutionary Pallet Offers Best of Both Worlds.

SaN Pallets introduces a distinctly NEW Plastic Pallet that incorporates the advantages of wood and the economy of plastic. Historically, buyers and end users have had to choose between heavy expensive plastic pallets with full runners or lighter nesting pallets without runners. Today, SaN features a remarkable line of pallets that has full runners and ALSO nests for economic return.

With our patent pending design, SaN Pallets offers the first pallet with this dual personality. At 27 pounds light, it holds 2400 pounds and returns nested 2.1 to 1 for efficient economic use. This pallets’ life-cycle trip cost is under $2.00 compared to average per trip cost of over $3.00 for other plastic pallets. This is a revolutionary “CROSS-OVER” pallet that retains ALL the safety advantages of full-window frame runners, conveys on ANY roller system and NESTS for economic return trips.

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